Sketch for Zara


Zara in love
Pencil, ink, Watercolour on Arches, Cold-pressed, 300g/m Watercolour Block.
16”X 12” (40cm X 30cm)
What would they know!
What do they know about a love that tears at your heart with anxiety, fear and unbelievable joy! What can they know about the happiness and pain that fills your head enough to make it explode! Old people know nothing about love! They are robots without emotions! Puppy Love! Hah! …
Puppies know more about unconditional love! Mummy dogs do not order puppies to their bedroom without dessert… Or ground you, or tell your teacher to move you apart in the classroom! Too young! Hah!
… I will be 14 next spring … do I have to be nearly dead to understand what love is? What will you do without money? Hah! … As if I would tell her that Mr. Whippy is happy to give me more hours at the ice-cream shop! Them with their card-nights and Bowling-clubs and golfing weekends… Them with the fake ‘Darling’ and singsong ‘Sweetheart’ and absentminded lip-smacks on the cheek…
No we are not like that, Brian and I … we feel, we know, we understand that it is to be in love! As if they would know what heart-wrenching agony it is to be away from him!
If only he would not be so afraid to run away with me. If only he can be strong … but he is 2 months younger and such a child is this boy of mine!
But I will be strong for both of us … I will!
Copyright © Raymond Agius 2013.

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 2.54 cm


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