Bristol Beaufighter


Bristol Beaufighter

Introduced                1940

Builder                       Bristol Aeroplane Co.

Weight                      25,400 lbs. (11,521 Kgs)

Length                       41 feet, 4inches (12.6 m)

Wingspan                 57 feet, 10 inches (17.65 m)

Height                       15 feet, 10 inches (4.84 m)
Propulsion               Two Bristol Hercules 14-cylinder Radials

Armament                 Four 20mm cannons and six .303 machineguns

Three Bristol Beaufighter squadrons operated in (or in-defense of) Malta around the dates of the Pedestal Convoy, August 1942.

No. 248 Squadron
Coastal Beaufighters. Motto “It is necessary to make an end of it”

At the end of July 1942 sixteen of the squadron’s aircraft left for Malta arriving on 10 August. After serving as long-range defence and escorts of convoys to Malta, as well as attacking enemy airfields in Sicily, the aircrews returned to the UK leaving their aircraft in Malta.

No. 252 Squadron
Coastal Beaufighters. Motto: “With or on”

On 1 May 1941, fifteen of its aircraft were sent Malta. Attacks on enemy shipping and coastal targets in the Eastern Mediterranean from the bases in Egypt were carried out in concert with No. 272 Squadron until November 1941. The squadron remained in the Mediterranean for the rest of the war.

No. 89 Squadron.
Night Beaufighters. Motto “By the help of God with my own weapons”

On 25 September 1941, No. 89 reformed at Colerne, England, as a night-fighter unit, flying its Beaufighters out to the Middle East in November and beginning night patrols in December. A detachment was sent to Malta in June 1942, which also flew intruder missions over Sicily. Detachments were based along the North African coast for night defence until October 1943, when the Squadron moved to Ceylon.

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